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Version history
+Added 43 singleplayer levels in levels/single/misc: 17 miniatures by Simon and
+geoo, 13 levels by mobius (originally called leftovers and non-tutorials), 10
+levels by Nessy, 4 non-miniatures by Simon. These levels were released around
+2017 and 2018 on Lemmings Forums and are now part of the main download.
+Added 15 tutorials for basic skill usage. A new Lix installation will still
+highlight Any Way You Want as first level, not the tutorials.
+Eased the 2-player multiplayer map Anything Can Work: Removed buzzsaws, added
+terrain to allow a downwards route without preparatory platforming above exits.
+Fixed deprecations (silent conversion from size_t to int in loop indices)
+to allow a warning-free building with the current compiler DMD 2.084.
+Refactored code for clarity: Alcol constructors -> al_map_rgba_f, magic
+numbers in EffectManager -> enums. Split ScoreBoard into two classes and
+moved to the GUI code, to decouple from gameplay.