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Version history
+Windowed mode at 1280x720 is now the default on running Lix for the very first
+time. Before, the default was software fullscreen a.k.a. fullscreen window.
+Smaller widescreen resolutions such at 1280x720 that would barely fail to pick
+2x for the skill panel icons (instead of the tiny 1x) will get slightly higher
+panel to accomodate the better-looking 2x skill icons.
+Adjusted text vertical offset to vertically center text on buttons better at
+1280x720. 1280x800 is still okay, text is now slightly too high here. The text
+positioning is already full of hacks and compromises, anything better either
+needs more hacks or a clean do-over. I feel like a 90's website designer.
+The main menu preserves the background's aspect ratio. To fill a screen that
+is not 4:3, it crops the background's sides.
+Revenge of the Giant Crab (2p): Added decoration, walkers 10->30, overtime
+30->90 seconds.
+Fix #424: Always show the level title in the lobby under the graphical preview,
+even when we return from a netgame.
+Fix #423: De-duplicate the multiplayer level tree, as reported by Dullstar.
+I had extra copies of Along the Fabrics of Your Clothing in the 8p directory.
+Updated Allegro DLLs to Allegro You can check what Lix usesat runtime
+with Lix's command-line argument: --allgero-version
+I build the 32-bit Windows release with LDC, not with DMD. LDC generates
+faster-running machine code, exactly what we want for a release version. Tell
+me in case you run into any problems. (64-bit Windows release has always been
+built with LDC and it still is.)
+During compilation, Lix prints target architecture, OS, and compiler.
+Fix deprecations for DMD 2.097.0: In the source code, the "body" keyword is
+finally deprecated. Converted the entire codebase to the "do" keyword in front
+of function bodies. Added "static import std.stdio;" to access std.stdio.File
+in Lix's file.filename.base.
+Documentation: src/icon/readme.txt has CRLF line endings, to be readable in
+Windows Notepad. (Documentation should have CRLF endings, code should have LF
+endings.) Removed note in the 32-bit DMD Windows build notes about NuGet libs,
+DMD 32-bit doesn't play well with them.
+The build documentation points to new archives (,, because the .lib files
+can be incompatible between compilers.
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--- a/.SRCINFO
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
pkgbase = lix
pkgdesc = An action-puzzle game inspired by Lemmings
- pkgver = 0.9.37
+ pkgver = 0.9.38
pkgrel = 1
url =
changelog = .CHANGELOG
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ pkgbase = lix
depends = enet
depends = hicolor-icon-theme
depends = liblphobos
- source = lix-0.9.37.src.tar.gz::
+ source = lix-0.9.38.src.tar.gz::
source =
source = lix.desktop
source = lix-allegro::git+
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ pkgbase = lix
source = lix-silly::git+
source = lix-taggedalgebraic::git+
source = lix-unit-threaded::git+
- sha512sums = 8b8faa451010b36a461075e9f7c7117c0af7f06af422e2ac207efd1c98e814dc20b23a1dd16cb6994c86354a11aa0e99f355ede299e0a46455f914f2ddab0ea5
+ sha512sums = 1cd9025ad76e224eab0cef65b6d34bda9d186a99376c1e81c5252251f75d4d4f972328bca54b6807204eb2886a8b160462d7e92ae652d4dcae99d7be55463d06
sha512sums = 37349c98b739ea43c25137dd03865f1c9c41eec91e5edc109afd9d50ce3871bd0c7f63c3f3599a47bb4ef52f5bfd14e034010de0ac2aec5a9c0c83eaf0b89425
sha512sums = 375b1439d9398371a3f58a92bfc0901b86bd89140aae431c7d9405bd2fb36ebcdb22b2686fea72d88b23a4ab94b138b4d742d8fd2965d8ec0542d2f8f64ed0c2
sha512sums = SKIP
@@ -44,4 +44,3 @@ pkgbase = lix
sha512sums = SKIP
pkgname = lix
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# shellcheck disable=SC2034,2154,2148
pkgdesc="An action-puzzle game inspired by Lemmings"