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+#@IgnoreInspection BashAddShebang
+# Maintainer: Jérémy "Vrakfall" Lecocq <jeremy at artphotolaurent dot be>
+# Contributor: farwayer <>
+# Contributor: David Manouchehri <>
+# Contributor: Christoph Bayer <>
+# Contributor: Bence Hornák <hornak dot bence at gmail dot com>
+# Contributor: lestb <tkhdlstfl dot l plus aur at gmail dot com>
+# Contributor: danyf90 <>
+# Contributor: Philipp Wolfer <>
+# Contributor: Joel Pedraza <>
+# Contributor: Jakub Schmidtke <sjakub-at-gmail-dot-com>
+#_sdkver_char='Q' Not using it yet as it hasn't been revealed. Will probably be Q. Let me know if you find out.
+pkgver="${_apilevel}_${_sdkver}_${_rev}" # I use this version labeling scheme as an attempt to work with all notations.
+# across `AUR`. Some use the `API` level, some use the `SDK` version. This way, all the numbers are visible and this
+# should be a "higher number" than other versioning schemes (except between `API` levels and some very old versions).
+pkgdesc="Android SDK Platform, API ${_apilevel}"
+arch=('any') # I actually don't think it works on x86, or not in a fine way. That requires some testing I don't have
+# the time to do anyway.
+license=('custom') # TODO: Link to the license.
+depends=('android-sdk' 'android-sdk-platform-tools')
+package() {
+ _destdir="${pkgdir}/opt/android-sdk/platforms"
+ mkdir -p "${_destdir}"
+ mv "${srcdir}/android-${_sdkShortVer}" "${_destdir}/android-${_apilevel}"
+ chmod -R ugo+rX "${pkgdir}/opt"
+} \ No newline at end of file