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+Data files are files providing timetable, map or tariff data.
+Data files have the following extensions:
+ .tt: Timetable,
+ .ttr: Timetable-related additional information (not sure which),
+ .ttm: Map,
+ .ttp: Tariff.
+Data files are automatically found if residing in the same directory or within one subdirectory of from where the programme is run.
+There is a default convention, used by the data files distributed by CHAPS and other sources. Under this convention, data files go into subdirectories Data1, Data2, Data3 or Data4 in the following way:
+ Data1/ contains data files related to trains.
+ Data2/ contains data files related to busses.
+ Data3/ contains data files related to municipal public transport.
+ Data4/ contains data files related to flights.