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+ib-tws Package Helpers
+Source and helpers for the [Interactive Brokers]
+( Traders Workstation [ib-tws]
+( AUR package.
+This project assists maintain ib-tws. It is necessary because TWS is
+downloaded from a generic, non-versioned URL. The downloaded file does
+not provide a version number, instead requiring execution of the software
+to determine the version. These conditions complicate maintenance of the
+Arch package, as the package must report the correct TWS version number
+plus reflect the md5sum of the currently-available TWS URL.
+Install software:
+ sudo pacman -S wget java-environment bash base-devel namcap pkgbuild-introspection
+If you are the current AUR maintainer, setup burp:
+ sudo pacman -S burp
+ mkdir -p $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/burp
+ echo 'User=something' > $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/burp/burp.conf
+ echo 'Password=something' >> $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/burp/burp.conf
+Clone as follows (if you are the current AUR maintainer, use your own
+fork as the `upload` script will push commits to your repository):
+ git clone git://
+ cd ib-tws
+ git submodule init
+ git submodule update
+From ib-tws, add symbolic links for the utilities:
+ ln -s `pwd`/tws_scripts/tws_get_version $HOME/bin/tws_get_version
+ ln -s `pwd`/tws_scripts/tws_check_update $HOME/bin/tws_check_update
+Verify correct execution by running `tws_check_update`. It should report
+a TWS version number and store files in `$HOME/.tws_scripts/`.
+If you *are not* the current AUR maintainer, run `update`. This will:
+* Run `tws_check_update`
+* Update the `PKGBUILD` to reflect the reported version and hash codes
+* Build the package, including a source version
+* Run `namcap` to verify package quality (the build will fail if any
+ warnings are reported)
+If you *are* the current AUR maintainer, run `upload`. This will:
+* Run `update` (refer above)
+* If any changes were made, `burp` is used to upload the new version
+* If any changes were made, a Git commit and push is performed
+If you are the current AUR maintainer but used `tws_check_update` and it
+updated the version, simply `rm $HOME/.tws_scripts/` and use `upload`.
+All contents of this repository are provided under the
+[Apache License, Version 2.0]