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+--- ../localepurge-orig/debian/localepurge.8 2013-09-20 12:52:48.000000000 +0200
++++ localepurge.8 2013-09-21 12:48:33.864666265 +0200
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++.TH LOCALEPURGE 8 "2013-09-21" "GNU/Linux" ""
+ localepurge \- reclaim disk space removing unneeded localizations
+@@ -7,15 +7,8 @@
+ .BR localepurge
+ is a small script to recover disk space wasted for unneeded locale
+-files and localized man pages. It will be automagically invoked by
+-.BR dpkg
+-upon completion of any
+-.BR apt
+-installation run. You have to define the locale
+-directory names you want to keep from removal after each
+-.BR apt
+-installation run
+-in the
++files and localized man pages. You have to define the locale
++directory names you want to keep from removal in the
+ .BR /etc/locale.nopurge
+ configuration file. Unless
+ .BR localepurge
+@@ -35,10 +28,17 @@
+ .BR \-\ /usr/share/omf
+ .br
+ The localization files you actually need and which you want to be preserved on your system can be
+-easily configured by running the following command:
++easily configured by editing the following file:
+ .br
+-.BR dpkg-reconfigure\ localepurge
++.BR /etc/locale.nopurge
+ .br
++New locales discovered on your system will be listed in
++.I /var/cache/localepurge/localelist\-new
++and should be added to
++.I /var/cache/localepurge/localelist
++by the
++.BR /usr/bin/localepurge-config
+ The configurable options consist of toggling verbose output, reporting a
+ summary of freed space, and deletion of localized manual pages in
+@@ -68,10 +68,10 @@
+ .BR not
+ .BR integrated
+ .BR with
+-.BR Debian's
++.BR "Arch Linux's"
+ .BR package
+ .BR management
+-.BR system
++.BR system
+ and therefore is not meant for the faint of heart. Responsibility for its
+ usage and possible breakage of your system therefore lies in the sysadmin's
+ (your) hands.
+@@ -85,60 +85,12 @@
+ All locale directories containing a subdirectory named LC_MESSAGES
+ which are either commented out or not even listed at all in
+ .BR /etc/locale.nopurge
+-will be irreversibly deleted. The only way to
+-reinstall any lost locales is a complete reinstallation of all the
+-Debian packages containing them. See
+-.BR /usr/share/doc/localepurge/
+-for a recipe.
+-Alternatively you can reconfigure
+-it with
+-.BR dpkg-reconfigure(8)
+-to prevent locale files from being purged during subsequent runs of apt.
+-.SH SOLVING PROBLEMS caused by localepurge
+-This program does interfere with the Debian package management and does
+-provoke strange, but usually harmless, behaviour of programs related
+-.BR apt/dpkg
+-.BR dpkg-repack(1),
+-.BR debsums(1),
+-.BR reportbug(1),
+-If you need to have any package in its full integrity so that e.g. the
+-formerly mentioned programs work as designed by its author and as
+-expected by you, simply deinstall
+-.BR localepurge
+-temporarily without purging its configuration and reinstall the packages
+-you need in their fully integral state. When you are done with what you
+-needed the integral packages for simply reinstall
+-.BR localepurge
++will be irreversibly deleted. The only way to reinstall any lost
++locales is a complete reinstallation of all the Arch Linux packages
++containing them. For more information, see "Reinstalling all installed packages"
+ .BR /etc/locale.nopurge
+-Administrators of systems with short disk space should have a look
+-at both the
+-.BR deborphan
+-.BR debfoster
+-packages. Especially
+-.BR debfoster
+-can work wonders for your scarce disk space!
+-.BR deborphan(1)
+-.BR debfoster(8)
+-.BR dpkg-reconfigure(8)
+-.BR debconf(8)
+-.BR /usr/share/doc/localepurge/README.debian
+-.BR /usr/share/doc/localepurge/
+ .BR localepurge
+ and its accompanying manual page was written for the
+@@ -150,3 +102,17 @@
+ Debian's great package management system will make
+ .BR localepurge
+ fully obsolete.
++This manual page and the Debian localepurge script have been modified
++for Arch Linux system by Francesco Groccia <frgroccia>.
++Some Debian\-specific information has been removed.
++In particular, the following files have been revised from the
++localepurge source code (Debian "sid" distribution):
++.I ../debian/localepurge.8
++.I ../debian/localepurge.config
++.I ../usr/sbin/localepurge