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+Description: Document Debian-specific XPM files location
+ Add a section about usage of translated XPM files in Debian.
+Author: Sandro Tosi <>
+Index: wmclock-1.0.14/
+--- wmclock-1.0.14.orig/ 2011-06-02 12:11:40.157887000 +0200
++++ wmclock-1.0.14/ 2011-06-02 12:11:45.337865330 +0200
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+ the bottom. The weekday abbreviations must also be arranged
+ vertically, beginning with Monday at the top and continuing to Sunday
+ at the bottom.
++On Debian systems you can find XPM files for a variety of languages in:
++.BR /usr/share/wmclock/
++For example, to have a French display, you could use the following
++command line:
++wmclock \-monthxpm /usr/share/wmclock/lang.french/month.xpm \-weekdayxpm /usr/share/wmclock/lang.french/weekday.xpm
+ .SS Obsolete Options
+ .PP
+ In order to maintain command-line compatibility (mostly) with