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-# Information pertaining to the Wireguard mkinitcpio hook
-# Please ensure you've read the documentation on how to setup and configure
-# Wireguard for your needs. It's vital that you ensure that you can connect
-# successfully before working on enabling remote unlocking functionality.
-# All the values below are just examples. You must change them to suit
-# your Wireguard network setup.
-# Specifies the name of the Wireguard interface (usually wg0)
-# Specifies the address that the Wireguard interface will use.
-# Please ensure you specify the address in CIDR format.
-# This is the public key of the peer.
-# This is the IP address and port of the peer.
-# Usually this is the external public-facing IP, but it may also be internal!
-# This is your private key previously setup to establish connection to the peer.
-# If you're behind a NAT, a ping of 25 seconds is useful!
-# The IP range that will be allowed.
-# vim:set syntax=sh tw=78: