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2017-06-0653.0.3Joan Figueras
2017-04-0852.0.2 trisquel 48Joan Figueras
2017-04-0752.0.2Joan Figueras
2017-02-05Update to 51.0.1Joan Figueras
2017-01-26Removed .install file. Already satisfied by hooksJoan Figueras
2017-01-26Added gtk3 as dependencyJoan Figueras
2017-01-26Removed innecessary gnome-vfs dependencyJoan Figueras
2016-12-15Update to 50.1.0Joan Figueras
2016-12-04Update to 50.0.2Joan Figueras
2016-11-01Update to 49.0.2Joan Figueras
2016-10-04Update to 49.0Joan Figueras
2016-08-01Update to 47.0Joan Figueras
2016-02-13Updated to 44.0.2Joan Figueras
2016-02-10Updated to 44.0.1Joan Figueras
2016-01-22Minor update to 43.0.4 trisquel44Joan Figueras
2016-01-16Update to version 43.0.4Joan Figueras
2015-11-03Update to 41.0.2Joan Figueras
2015-10-07Update to 41.0.1Figue
2015-09-24Update to 41.0Figue
2015-08-30Update to 40.0.3Joan Figueras
2015-07-30Update to 39.0Joan Figueras
2015-06-25Adopted architecture-specific arrays. Switching to sha256 checksumFigue
2015-06-18Up to 38.0Joan Figueras
2015-06-09Initial import v37.0.2-1Figue