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2021-03-06PKGBUILD cleanupFrederic Bezies
2017-10-02Small cleanup.Carsten Teibes
2016-05-29[fix] backport patch for new FFMPEG versionsCarsten Teibes
2015-07-12[upd] 1.1_20140104→1.2.1_20150620Carsten Teibes
Remove backported patches.
2014-12-30[fix] Remove unneeded dependency ffmpeg-compat, addCarsten Teibes
icons for Marathon trilogy scenarios Confirm alephone-evil and alephone-eternalx as tested.
2014-03-17[fix] Update patches, use correct data directoryCarsten Teibes
Confirm alephone-marathon, alephone-marathon2 and marathon-infinity as tested.
2014-03-16[add] alephone 1.1_20140104Carsten Teibes