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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-03-24some clean upChristoph Haag
2020-01-19Fix build for xorg cleanup falloutMatt Coffin
The xorg cleanup ( caused the build to break due to the dependency dri2proto being rolled into xorgproto
2019-03-25add libxrandr makedepChristoph Haag
2018-08-16remove amdPalSettings.cfg, useless since libdrm 2.4.92Laurent Carlier
2018-07-12Add LLPC git repository and a workaround for a PAL building failureLaurent Carlier
2018-03-31add wayland supportLaurent Carlier
2018-03-16oops, forgot srcinfoChristoph Haag
2018-03-07use upstream ICD; remove unused filesAdriƠ Cereto-MassaguƩ
2018-02-27llvm-amdvlk -> llvm and simply cmake build commandChristoph Haag
according to suggestions fom amdvlk devs
2018-02-07don't apply 0001-remove-linking-with-whole-archive-v2.patchChristoph Haag
2017-12-28forgot some filesLaurent Carlier
2017-12-23update .SRCINFOLaurent Carlier
2017-12-22switch to dev branches explicitely and remove patch for fixed constexpr issueChristoph Haag
2017-12-22add required settings & first makedepChristoph Haag
2017-12-22initialChristoph Haag