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2020-01-10Upgrading to version 2.25frealgagu
2019-06-05Upgrading to version 2.24.2frealgagu
2019-01-27Fixing issue with cmake path.frealgagu
2018-12-14Fixing library path which was pointing to /urs/lib instead of /usr/libfrealgagu
2018-12-13Upgrading to version 2.24.1frealgagu
2018-10-04Upgrading to version 2.24. Using juliagoda repository.frealgagu
2018-04-02Removing unused dependencies, adding maintainer tagfrealgagu
2018-03-23Fixing build issue by using rakuco suggestionfrealgagu
2016-11-06Upstream: 2.23grimi
2016-11-05Fix: patch for SDL2 2.0.5 (SDL_PeepEvents problem).grimi
2016-07-30Upstream: 2.22grimi
2016-05-16Fix: url link set to ppagrimi
2016-04-28Update: to use hooksgrimi
2016-04-03Upstream: 2.21grimi
2016-01-11Upstream: 2.21grimi
2015-10-20Upstream: 2.20.2grimi
2015-10-13cosmetics in PKGBUILDgrimi
2015-10-13Upstream: 2.20grimi
2015-08-29Update to 2.18.2Thomas Nordenmark
2015-08-29Update to 2.18.2Thomas Nordenmark
2015-08-24Updated PKGBUILD to 2.18.1Thomas Nordenmark
2015-07-10Updated to v2.15.Thomas Nordenmark
2015-06-26Initial import to AUR4Thomas Nordenmark