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2020-03-13Fix checksums for gnrouhannb
2020-03-13Use static libjpegrouhannb
Using libjpeg-turbo on Aseprite gives the error “Wrong JPEG library version: library is 62, caller expects 80.” I’m not sure if there is any way to use a shared library right now, so I took the easy way out and just used the static library compiled with Aseprite. Additionally, I changed the hack for using Python 2 with depot_tools to something less messy.
2020-03-12Update to v1.2.17rouhannb
2020-02-19Empty pkgrel bumprouhannb
A few users have been having an issue where the package was always classified as outdated because the last pkgrel bump wasn't done properly. Hopefully, this fixes that.
2020-02-11Remove skia, update pkgrelRohan Bafna
2020-02-04Update srcinfoAndrew Bueide
2019-11-22Fix checksum for aseprite.desktoprouhannb
2019-11-21Update to v1.2.16.2rouhannb
Several changes were made so that the package would mimic the file structure of the trial package that the Aseprite team distributes. These include adding a makedepend on pandoc to convert the README into an HTML file.
2019-10-27Update to v1.2.15rouhannb
Updates the package to v1.2.15, adds skia build, puts maintainer names in PKGBUILD. Skia deps are downloaded manually as downloading them during prepare turns out to be bad practice, and long options and verbosity are used for clarity, though it's not common or necessary. EULA message was removed as there's no need for it and makepkg should run without user input anyways.
2019-07-01Update source infoAndrew Bueide
2019-07-01Update to 1.2.12Andrew Bueide
2019-05-21Update to 1.11Andrew Bueide
2018-08-13Disabled Allegro4 alias fixWilson E. Alvarez
2018-07-29aseprite v1.2.9Wilson E. Alvarez
2018-04-03aseprite v1.2.8Wilson E. Alvarez
2018-03-18Fixed dependency error. Cannot use shared libloadpngWilson E. Alvarez
2018-03-18aseprite v1.2.7.2Wilson E. Alvarez
2018-03-17Do not use the allegro4 library from the official repositoryWilson E. Alvarez
2018-03-16aseprite v1.2.7Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-12-20aseprite v1.2.6Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-11-16Delete conflicting files with package libarchive. Must disable the ↵Wilson E. Alvarez
compilation of these later on
2017-11-16Disabled using the shared freetype library due to a missing fileWilson E. Alvarez
2017-11-16aseprite v1.1.24Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-03-03Added StartupWMClass=allegro to aseprite.desktopWilson E. Alvarez
2017-03-03Removed git from makedepends, and git command to fix error in build()Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-03-02aseprite v1.1.13Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-12-20add git dependencyBenoit Favre
2016-12-19remove cmark/gtest conflictBenoit Favre
2016-12-10bump version to 1.1.11, WARNING: upstream installs files from other projectsBenoit Favre
2016-10-23bump version to 1.1.9Benoit Favre
2016-09-21update to 1.1.8Benoit Favre
2016-09-02install EULABenoit Favre
2016-09-02reflect new EULABenoit Favre
2016-07-31update to 1.1.7Benoit Favre
2016-07-07update to 1.1.6Benoit Favre
2016-05-16update to Favre
2016-05-04bump to 1.1.5Benoit Favre
2016-04-19bump to Favre
2016-04-12bump to 1.1.4Benoit Favre
2016-03-29add support for webp; add mimetype in .desktop fileBenoit Favre
2016-02-29bump to 1.1.3Benoit Favre
2016-02-29update to 1.1.2Benoit Favre
2015-11-09fix overwritten freetype filesBenoit Favre
2015-11-09add freetype dependencyBenoit Favre
2015-11-08update to 1.1.1Benoit Favre
2015-09-09update to Favre
2015-06-26Initial importBenoit Favre