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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysUpdate to v0.11.17Jannick Hemelhof
12 daysFix for Electron 5.x compatibilityJannick Hemelhof
2019-05-22Update to v0.11.16Jannick Hemelhof
2019-04-14Fixed package for Electron 4 and js-sequence-diagramsJannick Hemelhof
2019-02-10Update to v0.11.15Jannick Hemelhof
2019-01-27Update to v0.11.13Jannick Hemelhof
2018-12-18Update to v0.11.12Jannick Hemelhof
2018-11-17Update to v0.11.11Jannick Hemelhof
2018-09-04Update to v0.11.9Jannick Hemelhof
2018-07-19Update to v0.11.8Jannick Hemelhof
2018-06-30Update to v0.11.7Jannick Hemelhof
2018-06-14Update to v0.11.6Jannick Hemelhof
2018-06-13Fixed compatibility with Electron v2.0.xJannick Hemelhof
2018-04-11Update to v0.11.4Jannick Hemelhof
2018-03-22Update to v0.11.3Jannick Hemelhof
2018-03-13update to v0.11.2Jannick Hemelhof
2018-02-25Update to v0.10.0Jannick Hemelhof
2018-02-03Updated to v0.9.0Jannick Hemelhof
2018-02-03Updated to v0.8.21Jannick Hemelhof
2018-01-13Update to v0.8.20Jannick Hemelhof
2017-12-23Update to v0.8.19Jannick Hemelhof
2017-12-03Fix for insertion bugJannick Hemelhof
2017-12-03Update to v0.8.18Jannick Hemelhof
2017-11-25Update .SRCINFOJannick Hemelhof
2017-10-28Update to v0.8.16Jannick Hemelhof
2017-10-09Removal of analyticsJannick Hemelhof
2017-09-24Fixed warning patchJannick Hemelhof
2017-09-23Update to v0.8.15Jannick Hemelhof
2017-08-12Update to 0.8.14Jannick Hemelhof
2017-08-10Update to 0.8.13Jannick Hemelhof
2017-07-29Removal of analytics for v0.8.12Jannick Hemelhof
2017-07-29Update to v0.8.12Jannick Hemelhof
2017-07-20Removed analytics, found way around npm issueJannick Hemelhof
2017-07-19Move to yarnJannick Hemelhof
2017-06-24Updated to v0.8.11Jannick Hemelhof
2017-06-17New patch to reduce package sizeJannick Hemelhof
2017-06-17Update to 0.8.10Jannick Hemelhof
2017-04-29Upgrade to 0.8.9Jannick Hemelhof
2017-04-22Updated for 0.8.8Jannick Hemelhof
2017-04-08Fix for nearly all warningsJannick Hemelhof
2017-04-06Fixed missing makedependJannick Hemelhof
2017-04-06Redesign of PKGBUILDJannick Hemelhof
2017-04-05Updated PKGBUILD to v0.8.7Jannick Hemelhof
2016-09-23v0.6.8Dick Choi
2016-08-15v0.6.3Dick Choi
2016-07-24v0.6.1Dick Choi
2016-07-24v0.6.0Dick Choi
2016-06-12v0.5.13Dick Choi
2016-04-26v0.5.11Dick Choi
2016-04-25v0.5.10Dick Choi