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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-10-28Execute "run_tests_no_x" for better chroot supportMorgenstern
Remove optdepends xorg-xhost
2022-10-28Use gmock and gtest shared libraries instead of the googletest git submoduleMorgenstern
Add vte3 dependency
2022-09-02fmt-9.1.0 rebuildMorgenstern
2021-06-04Use shared fmt and spdlog librariesMorgenstern
2021-02-10Update unit tests executionMorgenstern
2021-01-23Build and run tests separatelyMorgenstern
2021-01-03Use external fmt package, add optional check() functionMorgenstern
2020-12-28Use external library for spdlogMorgenstern
2020-12-24Remove build optimisation override, add spdlog and googletest as git submodulesMorgenstern
2020-12-22Disable gmock buildMorgenstern
2020-12-18Remove python-lxml dependency, fix optimisation flag overrideMorgenstern
2020-11-09Add uchardet dependency, simplify pkgver functionMorgenstern
2020-09-28Fixed pkgver function againMorgenstern
2020-09-15Fixed pkgver functionMorgenstern
2020-08-28Initial commitMorgenstern