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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-07-20Update dependencies, fix missing licenseLartza
2018-05-13Update dependencies, packagingLartza
2017-06-10Update build processLartza
2016-06-22Fix versioning, bump versionLartza
2016-01-23Add missing Autofac.dll (fixes an "Object reference not set to an instance ↵ChucklesTheBeard
of an object" error)
2015-09-21Add conflicts line for easier switching between stable and -git packagesChucklesTheBeard
2015-07-19update test ignores for CKAN 1.10.3ChucklesTheBeard
2015-07-03whoops, forgot to update .SRCINFO...ChucklesTheBeard
2015-06-09Commit to AUR 4.0.0ChucklesTheBeard
- CKAN update to 1.6.22r2 - no packaging changes otherwise