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2020-05-03update to version 1.5.0Husam Bilal
2020-02-29update to version 1.4.0Husam Bilal
2020-02-20update to version 1.3.0 and add manpageHusam Bilal
2019-10-28update to version 1.2.0Husam Bilal
2019-10-13update to version 1.1.0Husam Bilal
2019-09-28switch make depedency go-pie to goHusam Bilal
2019-09-28update to version 1.0.2Husam Bilal
2019-09-22update to version 1.0.1Husam Bilal
2019-09-19switch from wl-clipboard-git to wl-clipboardHusam Bilal
2019-09-18update to version 1.0.0Husam Bilal
2019-09-15update to version 0.10.0Husam Bilal
2019-08-02update to version 0.9.0Husam Bilal
2019-05-13add wl-clipboard-git as dependencyHusam Bilal
2019-05-13add go-pie as make dependencyHusam Bilal
2019-05-13inititalHusam Bilal