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2018-11-17Major bugfix for backup routine. Adds --media[-only] and --home[-only] ↵MatthewRalston
options for backup, implying OS backup by default.
2018-11-17Fixes relative pathing to properly autodetect system install vs clone. Adds ↵MatthewRalston
AUR_DIR to curam.conf.
2018-11-16Bugfix for missing mapfile command in base arch installs.MatthewRalston
2018-11-15Update checksum to bugfixed version that encodes absolute awscli path, adds ↵MatthewRalston
config validation behavior.
2018-11-15Update checksum to bugfixed version that fixes script permissions and ↵MatthewRalston
relative path reconfigurations.
2018-11-15Second commit, fixing issues related to AUR distribution system. Added ↵MatthewRalston
md5sums to PKGBUILD and .SRCINFO.
2018-11-15First realease, points to curam on github.MatthewRalston