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2018-08-10bump: icu-62.1Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-05-23updateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-04-07add missing dependency, rebuild to work with new version of icuKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2018-02-02UpdateKrzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-09-25fix: add gtk2 to makedepends (as bastelfreak sugested)Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2016-03-02add missing depend: libxml2Krzysztof AS (3ED)
2015-08-19fix depends to newer (and exist on aur) dbKrzysztof (3ED) AS
2015-08-19Initial on aur4Krzysztof (3ED) AS