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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
11 daysbump version to 11.3Théo Le Calvar
2019-05-30bump version to 11.2Théo Le Calvar
2019-05-29change Qt4 dependency to Qt5Théo Le Calvar
fix permissions warning on /usr/, /usr/share and /usr/share/doc folders
2019-04-01bump version to 11.1Théo Le Calvar
2019-03-05bump version to 11.0Théo Le Calvar
2019-02-21bump version to v10.11.4-2Théo Le Calvar
2019-01-07bump version to v10.11.4, use PKGBUILD from goldensuner, drop ↵Florent Thiéry
decklink.install script (fully handled by DKMS now)
2018-05-28update to 10.10Florent Thiéry
2018-02-23bump version to 10.9.11Florent Thiéry
2018-02-01rework install script (modularize it); it now cleans up the system after ↵Florent Thiéry
removal much better
2018-02-01unload all modules and also remove modules pre-installFlorent Thiéry
2018-02-01remove all instances of the kernel module (the sound and io modules were not ↵Florent Thiéry
removed upon uninstalling)
2018-01-29update to v10.9.3 which compiles against kernel 4.14.15-1-ARCHFlorent Thiéry
2017-06-13fix srcinfoFlorent Thiéry
2017-06-06bump version to 10.9.3, remove dvver and mever to automate package update ↵Florent Thiéry
2017-05-12fix downloading of targz from bmd websiteFlorent Thiéry
2017-05-09bump version to 10.9, replace package download by an expected file path ↵Florent Thiéry
(edit pkgsrc_file)
2017-04-13bump version to 10.8.6Florent Thiéry
2017-02-27update to 10.8.5, still crashing on 4.9.11-1-ARCHFlorent Thiéry
2016-12-07update to 10.8.4a4 (not that it fixes the crash)Florent Thiéry
2016-11-10update to 10.8.2Florent Thiéry
2016-10-19upgrade to 10.8.1Florent Thiéry
2016-09-16update to Desktop Video 10.8a2Perry Hung
2016-06-08update to 10.6.7a1Perry Hung
2016-04-20update to 10.6.4a21Perry Hung
2016-03-30fetch tarball directly from BlackmagicPerry Hung
Blackmagic hosts Desktop Video versions behind expiring links. Retrieve the archive through one of these temporary links and verify the checksum.
2016-03-29update srcinfo to 10.6.2a3Perry Hung
2015-10-0310.5Antoine Lubineau