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2021-05-11upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.38.0-6Caleb Maclennan
Update systemd syntax
2021-05-11upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.38.0-5Caleb Maclennan
Disable CGO so we get a static binary again
2021-05-11upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.38.0-4Caleb Maclennan
Drop key that doesn't go in a config
2021-05-11Update (and auto-generate) default configCaleb Maclennan
2021-05-10upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.38.0-2Caleb Maclennan
Revert to previous link mode, having trouble chrooting
2021-05-07upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.38.0-1Caleb Maclennan
upstream release
2020-06-25upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.20.0-1Caleb Maclennan
upstream release
2020-06-22upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.19.0-1Caleb Maclennan
upstream release
2020-05-25upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.18.0-2Caleb Maclennan
Use new Go packaging guidelines
2020-05-15upgpkg: gitlab-pages 1.18.0-1Caleb Maclennan
upstream release
2020-03-13Update to 0.17.0, use go-pie, strip srcdir referencesCaleb Maclennan
2020-02-25Update to 1.16.0Caleb Maclennan
2020-02-12Fix backup file nameCaleb Maclennan
2020-02-12Start update to 1.15.0Caleb Maclennan
2019-08-17Patch to fix go-pie related chroot issuesCaleb Maclennan
This patch (proposed upstream and likely to be in the next release) fixes issues with go-pie. Arch systems may have either go or go-pie by default, go works, but go-pie does not allow both the chroot and user switch to drop root permissions. Without this go-pie compiled gitlab-pages would only work if run as root with no uid switching. Note this also solves the previously patched dynamic linking issue, so drops that monkey patch in favor of this one.
2019-08-10update config to 1.7.0Melvin Vermeeren
2019-08-10Update to 1.7.0 and fix fork/exec problemCaleb Maclennan
Signed-off-by: Caleb Maclennan <>
2019-02-03update to v1.5.0Melvin Vermeeren
2018-04-28update to v0.9.0, also chroot by defaultMelvin Vermeeren
2018-04-010.7.1Melvin Vermeeren
2018-03-09update to 0.7.0Melvin Vermeeren
2017-11-160.6.0 (tested on own server, works nicely)Melvin Vermeeren