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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-07readd uk.poPeter Weber
2020-03-29upstream update, will readd uk.po laterPeter Weber
2020-03-24upstream upgradePeter Weber
2019-10-13upstream updatePeter Weber
2019-10-08upstream updatePeter Weber
2019-09-23upstream upgradePeter Weber
2019-05-08upstream updatePeter Weber
2019-04-09upstream updatePeter Weber
2019-04-03upstream upgradePeter Weber
2018-11-03upstream updatePeter Weber
2018-10-01upstream updatePeter Weber
2018-09-23upstream upgrade, removed gconfPeter Weber
2018-05-22upstream update, use patches from debarshi rayPeter Weber
2018-04-10upstream updatePeter Weber
2018-03-29use autoreconf and tidy upPeter Weber
2018-03-27upstream upgradePeter Weber
2017-11-02use unmodified upstream patches againPeter Weber
2017-10-31upstream update, small fix for catalan/valencia translationPeter Weber
2017-10-08upstream upgradePeter Weber
2017-05-13upstream updatePeter Weber
2017-04-25upstream upgradePeter Weber
2016-11-09upstream update, use tarball instead of gitPeter Weber
2016-10-20upstream upgradePeter Weber
2016-08-09apply upstream patchesPeter Weber
2016-05-12upstream updatePeter Weber
2016-04-13removed superfluous gschema-overridePeter Weber
2016-04-13upstream update (required patching the translation patch), makedependes ↵Peter Weber
cleaned up (appdata_tools -> appstream-glib)
2016-04-12initial commit, gnome-terminal with background-transparency and dark-theme ↵Peter Weber
support (default is system theme), doesn't include notify-feature