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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysUpdate to Version 3.3.4Marvin Dalheimer
2021-09-09Update to Version 3.3.3Marvin Dalheimer
2021-06-12Update to Version 3.3.2Marvin Dalheimer
2021-05-22Update to Version 3.3.1Marvin Dalheimer
2021-04-22Update to Godot 3.3Marvin Dalheimer
2020-09-19Update to version 3.2.3Marvin Dalheimer
2020-07-04Update to version 3.2.2Marvin Dalheimer
2020-04-29Update to version 3.2.1Marvin Dalheimer
2020-01-29Update to version 3.2Marvin Dalheimer
2019-12-02Update to 3.1.2Marvin Dalheimer
2019-10-09Change msbuild-stable to msbuildMarvin Dalheimer
2019-05-23Update to Godot 3.1.1Marvin Dalheimer
2019-03-14Update to Godot 3.1Marvin Dalheimer
2018-08-07Updated to 3.0.6Marvin Dalheimer
2018-07-17Updated to 3.0.5Marvin Dalheimer
2018-06-14Fixed missing in a commandMarvin Dalheimer
2018-06-13Fixed bug in package buildingMarvin Dalheimer
2018-06-13Updated to version 3.0.3Marvin Dalheimer
2018-03-04Updated to Godot 3.0.2Marvin Dalheimer
2018-02-25Updated Godot to version 3.0.1Marvin Dalheimer
2018-02-20Updated .SRCINFO, missed it with the previous commitMarvin Dalheimer
2018-01-30Package build for godot mono versionMarvin Dalheimer