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2022-03-21Update to 5.4.0Philip Goto
2022-01-10Update to 5.3.2Philip Goto
2022-01-08Properly update srcinfoPhilip Goto
2022-01-08Update to 5.3.1Philip Goto
2021-12-29Remove testsPhilip Goto
2021-12-09Add gi-docgen to makedependsPhilip Goto
2021-12-09Update to 5.3.0Philip Goto
2021-09-04Update to 5.2.0Philip Goto
2021-07-28revert rel to 1Philip Goto
2021-07-28Update to 5.1.0Philip Goto
2021-05-15Re-add gtk-doc compilation as this magically works againPhilip Goto
2021-05-11Temporarily disable gtk-docPhilip Goto
2021-04-15InitializePhilip Goto