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2021-07-12update: ice-ssb-git 6.0.8.r30.5ddfc8e-2Kr1ss
Fix nonfunctional `Isolate` checkbox in configurations where Firefox is not installed. Hat tip @taconomix for the patch !
2021-05-10adapt patch to upstream updateKr1ss
2020-12-02rebuild against python 3.9Kr1ss
2020-11-07additionally provide/conflict with 'ice'Kr1ss
2020-11-07update patch fileKr1ss
2020-08-06fix patch fileKr1ss
2020-02-15fix occurence of the old chromium binary filenameKr1ss
2020-02-03initial upload: ice-ssb-git 6.0.8.r3.961cd57-1Kr1ss