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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-12-21Changed pist install message, and changed debug messages prefix in wrapper ↵felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Added the license as optdepend.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Made default ReadMe.txt a relative symlink.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Making a default-ReadMe-symlink, since the software might want to open it.felics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Added ReadMe-files.felics@felics-tablet
2016-05-20Added to a package group.felics@felics-tablet
2016-05-20Updated pkgrel since we changed a source file but forgot to update.felics@felics-tablet
2016-05-20Added information about locales, starting with Czech locale if installed, in ↵felics@felics-tablet
order to display diacritical characters correctly.
2016-05-20Removed optdepends which do not belong here.felics@felics-tablet
2016-05-20Updated PKGBUILD.felics@felics-tablet
2016-05-19Removed IDOS-Licence from .git-repo since it get's downloaded by the PKGBUILD.felics@felics-tablet
2016-05-19Added information about tariff and map packages (optdepends).felics@felics-tablet
2016-05-19Initial commit. And updated wrapper script.felics@felics-tablet