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2017-11-28Update to 1.8.4larte
2017-10-31Updated to 1.8.2larte
2017-10-16Updated to 1.8.1larte
2017-09-29Updated to version 1.8.0larte
2017-09-15Update to v1.7.6larte
2017-09-06Updated to 1.7.5larte
2017-08-21Updated to 1.7.4larte
2017-08-07Update to v1.7.3larte
2017-07-24Update to v1.7.2larte
2017-07-18Updated to 1.7.1larte
2017-07-06Talk to over HTTPSlarte
2017-07-03Updated to 1.7.0larte
2017-06-15Update to 1.6.5larte
2017-05-22Updated to version 1.6.4larte
2017-05-16Updated to 1.6.3larte
2017-04-20Updated to 1.6.2larte
2017-04-10Update to 1.6.1larte
2017-04-03Updated to 1.6.0larte
2017-03-15Updated to 1.5.4larte
2017-02-16Updated to 1.5.3larte
2017-01-18Update to version 1.5.2larte
2016-12-14Update to 1.5.1larte
2016-12-13Update to version 1.5.0larte
2016-12-12Updated to 1.4.7larte
2016-11-30Merged fix for validity check from Syntheadlarte
2016-11-29Updated to version 1.4.6larte
2016-10-31Update to version 1.4.5larte
2016-10-25Updated to 1.4.4larte
2016-10-17Update to 1.4.3, missed some changeslarte
2016-10-11Updated to 1.4.1larte
2016-09-27Update to 1.4.0larte
2016-09-13Updated to version 1.3.7larte
2016-08-30Update to 1.3.6larte
2016-08-15Updated to version 1.3.5larte
2016-08-03Updated to 1.3.4larte
2016-08-03Updated to kubernetes 1.3.2larte
2016-07-17Download just kubectl binary instead of full distributionlarte
2016-07-03Update to version 1.3.0larte
2016-06-29update to 1.2.5larte
2016-05-14Updated to 1.2.4larte
2016-04-26added version 1.2.3larte