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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-08-04remove files in /usr/bin, see ↵LW-archlinux
2018-06-26add meson to makedependsLW-archlinux
2018-06-26switch from autotools to meson for buildingLW-archlinux
2018-06-18texture float is enabled by default nowLW-archlinux
2018-06-08minor changeLW-archlinux
2018-05-26updated to work with lib32-wayland 1.15LW-archlinux
2018-04-22version in master has been increased upstream, removed patchLW-archlinux
2018-04-22increase version number to avoid confusion with rc-candidatesLW-archlinux
2018-04-04cleaned up PKGBUILDLW-archlinux
2018-04-04removed buildpatch as it has landed in masterLW-archlinux
2018-04-01patch added to solve build failureLW-archlinux
2018-03-15removed valgrind from makedepsLW-archlinux
2018-03-09new makedep valgrindLW-archlinux
2018-03-06switched to using xorgproto, also removed a patchLW-archlinux
2018-01-10fixing a mess i madeLW-archlinux
2018-01-10use autoreconf instead of autogenLW-archlinux
2017-12-28drop historical Arch dri module path - use upstream default path see FS#56847LW-archlinux
2017-10-26removed no longer needed patchLW-archlinux
2017-10-03txc_dtn is now integrated in mesaLW-archlinux
2017-09-16added wayland-protocols to makedependsLW-archlinux
2017-06-03removed replaces=LW-archlinux
2017-05-24corrected providesLW-archlinux
2017-05-23switched to glvnd supportLW-archlinux
2017-05-22updated configure flagsLW-archlinux
2017-03-15source uri changed from git+https to gitLW-archlinux
2017-03-14removed obsolete pthread patchLW-archlinux
2017-03-11lib32-mesa-libgl-git now provides lib32-opengl-provider to ease future ↵LW-archlinux
transition to libglvnd
2017-03-06switched to gallium osmesaLW-archlinux
2017-02-28cleaned up PKGBUILD, reduced number of sub packagesLW-archlinux
2016-11-24small change in depsLW-archlinux
2016-11-08now provides lib32-libegl & lib32-libglesLW-archlinux
2016-10-08added radeon vulkan driverLW-archlinux
2016-08-26RGB blit patch removed as it was accepted in masterLW-archlinux
2016-08-15patch added, see PKGBUILDLW-archlinux
2016-07-21pthread-stubs patch updated & renamedLW-archlinux
2016-06-20lipthread-stubs dep removedLW-archlinux
2016-05-25new dependency libpthread-stubsLW-archlinux
2016-05-06re-enabled vulkan supportLW-archlinux
2016-04-28vulkan support commented out due to build failLW-archlinux
2016-04-19added intel-vulkan supportLW-archlinux
2016-02-04synced with mesa-git packageLW-archlinux
2016-01-29builds i915 gallium, nettle replaced by libgcryptLW-archlinux
2015-12-24requires libdrm >= 2.4.66LW-archlinux
2015-11-27lib32-xvmc added to depsLW-archlinux
2015-11-03added VirGL supportLW-archlinux
2015-09-09forgot to update SRCINFOLW-archlinux
2015-08-17Update to 11.0.0-develLW-archlinux
2015-05-23Sync from AUR3.Armin K
2014-12-30Initial commit for lib32-mesa-git.Armin K