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2021-01-09Update patchssL1pKn07
2020-05-29bump patchessL1pKn07
2019-12-21Add xorgproto to makedepends()sL1pKn07
2019-08-03fix build with ugly and non-tested patchsL1pKn07
2019-03-08update patches(?)sL1pKn07
2018-05-27update patch url. rebuild is not neededsL1pKn07
2017-09-02Another patch for tring fix this crapsL1pKn07
2017-08-27Add the url of the orginal libva-vdpau-driver-0.7.4-fallback-x.patchsL1pKn07
2017-08-27change the source of the patch (now use the patch stored into the archlinux s...sL1pKn07
2017-08-27Add patch for Fix a crash if a heap is destroyed before being initializedsL1pKn07
2016-10-08Initial commitGustavo Alvarez