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2017-11-07updated to version 1.1.3Sam Burgos
2017-10-27updated to version 1.1.2Sam Burgos
2017-06-28updated to version 1.1.1Sam Burgos
2017-06-10updated to version 1.1.0Sam Burgos
2017-06-06updated PKGBUILDSam Burgos
2017-05-30updated to version 1.0.9Sam Burgos
2017-05-29updated to version 1.0.8Sam Burgos
2017-05-18updated to version 1.0.7Sam Burgos
2017-05-16updated to version 1.0.6Sam Burgos
2017-05-12fixed wrong sha256sumSam Burgos
2017-05-12updated to version 1.0.5Sam Burgos
2017-05-06updated to version 1.0.4Sam Burgos
2017-05-05updated to version 1.0.3Sam Burgos
2017-04-16Initial commitSam Burgos