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2021-12-20Forgot to update SRCINFO.Julia DeMille
2021-12-20Updated to hopefully work properly, first update in about a year.Julia DeMille
2020-12-05updateDavid Otto
2020-07-27add licenseDavid Otto
2020-03-11updateDavid Otto
2019-01-03fix vstsdk urlDavid Otto
2018-09-28update releaseDavid Otto
2018-03-26update SRCINFODavid Otto
2018-03-22build from sourceDavid Otto
2018-03-22new release 1.9.1David Otto
2018-01-29new release 1.9David Otto
2018-01-15new release 1.8.2David Otto
2018-01-03new release 1.8David Otto
2017-12-20Fix PKGBUILD since released files changed namesDavid Otto
2017-10-05new release 1.7.6David Otto
2017-10-02new release 1.7David Otto
2017-09-24new release 1.6.7David Otto
2017-09-22new release 1.6.3David Otto
2017-09-21new release 1.6.2David Otto
2017-09-19new release 1.6.1David Otto
2017-09-17new release 1.6David Otto
2017-09-04initialDavid Otto