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2020-08-06upgpkg: lua-commonmark-git 0.0.0.r12.ge71d851-4Caleb Maclennan
Bump default to Lua 5.4 and add Lua 5.3 split package
2020-05-14upgpkg: lua-commonmark-git 0.0.0.r12.ge71d851-3Caleb Maclennan
upgpkg: lua-commonmark 0.0.0-3 upgpkg: lua-fluent-git 0.0.4.r69.g690b347-4 upgpkg: lua-fluent 0.0.4-6 Use primary package name as dependency, not alternate provides
2020-05-13Add missing provides for stable package namesCaleb Maclennan
upgpkg: lua-cassowary-git 2.2.r26.g63e91d4-3 upgpkg: lua-cldr-git 0.0.0.r6.g090ce28-3 upgpkg: lua-commonmark-git 0.0.0.r12.ge71d851-2 upgpkg: lua-fluent-git 0.0.4.r69.g690b347-3
2020-05-13Add packages for Lua CommonMark parserCaleb Maclennan
Initial upload: lua-commonmark-git 0.0.0-1 Initial upload: lua-commonmark 0.0.0-1