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2018-11-07fix undefined calls in slg::{Film,tilerepository}bartus
2018-08-08fix python linking, drop problematic test demobartus
fix linking cycle
2018-04-17update for the embree changesLukáš Jirkovský
2018-04-17update for embree-bvh_build changes, fix build in a clean chrootLukáš Jirkovský
2017-06-04pop version to triger rebuild agains new boost version, add procedural ↵bartus
python version string
2017-03-27cleanup optdependsLukáš Jirkovský
2017-03-26python 3.6 and opencl updatesLukáš Jirkovský
2016-11-27change the embree dependency to embree-bvh_build-git, always build the ↵Lukáš Jirkovský
default branch.
2016-08-02updateLukáš Jirkovský
2015-06-28initial importLukáš Jirkovský