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2019-04-23Update to 5.12.3Martchus
2019-03-26Update to 5.12.2Martchus
2019-02-05Update to 5.12.1Martchus
2018-12-22Fix use of static libraries with CMakeMartchus
2018-12-11Update to 5.12.0Martchus
2018-09-25Update to 5.11.2Martchus
2018-06-25Update to 5.11.1Martchus
2018-05-28Update to 5.11.0Martchus
2018-02-19Update to 5.10.1Martchus
2017-12-14Update to 5.10.0Martchus
2017-10-16Update to 5.9.2Martchus
2017-07-06Update to 5.9.1Martchus
2017-06-08Update to 5.9.0Martchus
2017-02-09Update to 5.8.0Martchus
2016-12-24Update to 5.7.1Martchus
2016-12-08Fix misc issuesMartchus
2016-11-01Fix checksumMartchus
2016-08-19Add static version of further Qt modulesMartchus
2016-06-22Update to 5.7.0Martchus
2016-06-16Update to 5.6.1Martchus
2016-03-28updated to 5.6.0Martchus
2016-02-10fixed import libsMartchus
2016-02-04updated version (to 5.5.1), URL and descriptionMartchus
2015-08-27Update to 5.5.0Philip A Reimer
2015-06-12Initial importPhilip A Reimer