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2017-06-04Update to version r3970Jeremy Audet
2017-04-24Update to vesrion r3909Jeremy Audet
2017-04-16Update to vesrion r3890Jeremy Audet
2017-04-09Update to version r3880Jeremy Audet
2017-04-02Update to version r3875Jeremy Audet
2017-03-27Update to version r3867Jeremy Audet
2017-03-20Update to version r3847Jeremy Audet
2017-03-12Update to version r3842Jeremy Audet
2017-03-04Update to version r3831Jeremy Audet
2017-02-26Update to version r3820Jeremy Audet
2017-02-08Update to version r3792Jeremy Audet
2017-01-28Update to version r3773Jeremy Audet
2017-01-13Update to version r3751Jeremy Audet
2017-01-06Update to version r3742Jeremy Audet
2016-12-27Update to version r3741Jeremy Audet
2016-12-05Update to version r3706Jeremy Audet
2016-11-21Update to version 3703Jeremy Audet
2016-11-02Update to version 3701Jeremy Audet
2016-09-25Depend on java-runtime=8, not jre8-openjdkJeremy Audet
2016-09-22Update to version r3695Jeremy Audet
2016-08-22Update to version r3694. Update download URL.Jeremy Audet
2016-08-11Update to version 3693Jeremy Audet
2016-07-15Update to version 3768Jeremy Audet
2016-04-18Update to version r3676Jeremy Audet
2016-03-23Update to version 3672Jeremy Audet
2016-03-03Update to version r3669Jeremy Audet
2016-02-22Update to version 3668Jeremy Audet
2016-02-16Update to version r3667Jeremy Audet
2016-02-13Update to version r3665Jeremy Audet
2016-01-13Update to version r3658Jeremy Audet
2015-12-18Update to version r3655Jeremy Audet
2015-12-11Update to version r3654Jeremy Audet
2015-12-03Update to r3652Jeremy Audet
2015-11-15Update to version r3650Jeremy Audet
2015-10-29Update to version r3649Jeremy Audet
2015-09-21Update to version r3643Jeremy Audet
2015-09-08Update mkgmap to vesrion r3641Jeremy Audet
2015-09-01Update mkgmap to version r3639Jeremy Audet
2015-08-28Update to version r3634Jeremy Audet
2015-08-27Update to version r3633Jeremy Audet
2015-08-18Update to version r3629Jeremy Audet
2015-08-14Update mkgmap to version r3627Jeremy Audet
2015-06-22Update mkgmap to version r3620Jeremy Audet
2015-06-08Initial commit (version r3616)Jeremy Audet