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2021-04-30Update to 0.9.16-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * Minor bug fixes. * New options: R_omni_size and R_omni_tmp_file.
2021-04-16Update to 0.9.15-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * Delete options R_ls_env_tol, R_objbr_labelerr, R_show_arg_help. * New options: R_clear_console, R_debug, R_auto_start, R_dbg_jump. * Replace options R_in_buffer, R_term and R_term_cmd with a single option: R_external_term. * Make R_rmdchunk more flexible. * Change default key binding for calling debug() from \db to \bg to avoid conflict with \d (send line). * Require either Neovim >= 0.4.3 or Vim >= 8.1.1705.
2020-06-02Update to 0.9.14-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * New command \su (send all lines above the current one). * New command \m (send lines from motion command). * New option: R_disable_cmds. * New option: R_after_ob_open. * R_after_start is a list now. * Recommend Visidata and delete option R_csv_warn. * Delete command triggered by `<LocalLeader>tp`. * Delete options R_args_in_stline, R_sttline_fmt, R_show_args, R_complete and Rtools_path. * Limited support for debugging R functions.
2020-03-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/nvim-rRhinoceros
Merge update to 0.9.13, and unique download name
2020-03-01Make download unique.
* No need for pkgrel bump (package already installed for most users)
2019-05-06Update to 0.9.12-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * Support for Python code in knitr chunks: integration with the R package reticulate and with the jedi-vim plugin. * New options: R_editing_mode, R_buffer_opts. * Minor bug fixes. * Clarify some optdepends
2018-08-19Update to 0.9.12-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * Minor bug fixes. * Bibliographic completion for Rmd. * New command: :RDebugInfo * New options: R_hi_fun_globenv, R_auto_scroll, R_ls_env_tol, R_non_r_compl, R_cite_pattern. * Accept prefix "terminal:" in `R_csv_app`. * Remove option R_tmux_split. * Changes: - If the Object Browser is already open, \ro will close it. - The values "bottom" and "top" are no longer valid for R_objbr_place (use "below" and "above" instead).
2018-01-30Update to 0.9.11-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * The option R_latexcmd now is a list and the option R_latexmk no longer exists. By default, latexmk and xelatex will be called to compile pdf documents. * Arguments completion is now done by CTRL-X CTRL-O. * New options: R_OutDec, R_csv_delim, R_rmdchunk, R_parenblock, R_bracketed_paste, R_complete. * New command: `:RSend`. * Require Neovim >= 0.2.0 (Linux, OS X) or >= 0.2.1 (Windows).
2017-09-09Update to 0.9.10-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * Change command \dt to \td and \pt to \tp. * New default value for R_show_args = 1. * New options: R_hi_fun_paren, R_show_arg_help,R_sttline_fmt and R_set_sttline_cmd. * Minor bug fixes.
2017-04-23Update to 0.9.9-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * Delete option R_vsplit. * New options: R_min_editor_width and R_wait_reply, Rtools_path, R_remote_tmpdir, R_nvimcom_home, R_paragraph_begin. * Rename option R_ca_ck as R_clear_line * Change in \pp behavior. * Minor bug fixes.
2017-04-19Update to 0.9.8-2Rhinoceros
* Post-transaction hooks for vim help tags now provided by pacman 5.0 and vim 8.0.0055-1
2016-12-11Update to 0.9.8-1Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * Minor bug fixes. * New commands: \dt and \pt * Require Neovim >= 0.1.7.
2016-09-27Update to 0.9.7Rhinoceros
* Upstream changelog: * Require Vim >= 8.0.0 or Neovim >= 0.1.5. * Replaced R_nvimcom_wait (time in miliseconds) with R_wait (time in seconds). * Minor bug fixes.
2016-08-11Update to 0.9.6-1Rhinoceros
* Install "source code" *.tar.gz instead of *.vmb * Upstream no longer provides *.vmb via Github * *.tar.gz is simpler to install (requires no user input) * Installs two additional files (for 0.9.5), but nothing is missing * Upstream changelog: * New option: R_open_example. * Change default value of R_source_args to "print.eval=TRUE". * Change in \aa and \ae: do not save the buffer before sending the whole file to R. * Minor bug fixes.
2016-07-11Minor style fixesRhinoceros
2016-06-10Update to 0.9.5-1Rhinoceros
Apologies for the delay; I had to wait for Arch to package the latest vim. * Upstream changelog for 0.9.4: * Delete option R_tmux_ob. The Object Browser will always start in a Vim split window, not in a Tmux split pane. * New option: R_cmd. * Minor bug fixes. * Require Neovim >= 0.1.4 or Vim >= 7.4.1829. * Upstream changelog for 0.9.5: * Ask whether R_LIBS_USER directory should be created.
2016-03-25Update to 0.9.3-3Rhinoceros
* Add install file (which updates vim help and warns about nvimcom installation)
2016-03-25Update to 0.9.3-2Rhinoceros
Conflicts and replaces previous version (vim-r and r-vimcom)
2016-03-25Initial commit of 0.9.3-1Rhinoceros