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2018-07-31Switch to abraunegg's forkDavide Depau
2018-07-26Fix build with libphobos >= 2.081.0Doug Newgard
2018-01-21Change back to tag-based versioningDoug Newgard
2017-05-29Upstream fixed their makefileDoug Newgard
2017-04-21Missing makedep - gitDoug Newgard
2017-03-14Remove patchDoug Newgard
2017-03-14Rm config, add patch, fix pkgverDoug Newgard
2017-02-13Non-recursive depsDoug Newgard
2016-07-27RewriteDoug Newgard
2016-06-30patched systemd unit to use /usr/bin instead of /usr/local/binImNtReal
2016-01-19initial commitImNtReal