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2016-12-16update to Lass
2016-12-01Update to 1.6.20Michael Lass
2016-11-11Update to 1.6.19Michael Lass
2016-08-04Update to Lass
2016-07-26Update to Lass
2016-06-22Update to Lass
2016-06-09Add patch for Linux 4.6Michael Lass
2016-05-12Remove abandoned patchMichael Lass
2016-05-06Update to 1.6.18 and add patches for Linux 4.5Michael Lass
2016-03-21Update to 1.6.17 and add patches for Linux 4.4Michael Lass
2016-03-08No need for install scriptMichael Lass
2015-12-17Update to 1.6.16Michael Lass
2015-10-28Update to 1.6.15 (security release)Michael Lass
2015-09-24Update to Lass
2015-09-05Add patches for Linux 4.2Michael Lass
2015-08-14Update to 1.6.14Michael Lass
2015-07-30Update to 1.6.13 (security release)Michael Lass
2015-06-28update to 1.6.12Michael Lass
2015-06-08Initial commitMichael Lass