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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-14Fix OpenTabletDriver-udev buildMoeLava
Upstream now uses dotnet 5 for building
2020-09-30Fix OpenTabletDriver-udev buildMoeLava
Upstream OpenTabletDriver-udev now uses a submodule to reference the main OpenTabletDriver repo, so we add a prepare function and symlink the main repo instead, to avoid cloning twice
2020-09-17Fix buildMoeLava
2020-09-12Fix build after upstream refactorMoeLava
2020-09-12Build and run with dotnet50MoeLava
2020-09-03Fix build processMoeLava
2020-07-27Add versioning to build argumentsMoeLava
2020-07-12Update .SRCINFO and pkgverInfinityGhost
2020-07-09Add libappindicator-gtk3 dependencyMoeLava
2020-06-22Add install script to reload systemd daemonsMoeLava
Built-in pacman hook isn't run because this uses a user service
2020-06-15Bump version and fix buildMoeLava
2020-05-06Copy icons to /usr/share/pixmaps instead for theming supportMoeLava
2020-04-09Update dependenciesMoeLava
Adds libevdev and removes libxtst from required dependencies
2020-04-02Bump pkgrelMoeLava
2020-04-02Fix an incorrect sha256sumMoeLava
2020-04-02Update .SRCINFOMoeLava
2020-01-16Fix missing app iconMoeLava
2020-01-06Directly launch the dll instead of an executableMoeLava
2020-01-03Fix incorrect udev rulesMoeLava
2020-01-02Initial CommitMoeLava