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2018-11-08bump to 1.35.1Gergely Imreh
2018-09-20bump to v1.34.0Gergely Imreh
2018-08-21bump to 1.33.0Gergely Imreh
2018-05-15do not folde, that's not an issue anymore in the packageGergely Imreh
2018-04-09bump to 1.29.0Gergely Imreh
2017-12-16adjusting makedependsGergely Imreh
2017-12-16bump version to 1.27.0 and add missing dependencyGergely Imreh
2017-10-04bump to 1.24.1Gergely Imreh
2017-05-061.22Gergely Imreh
2017-04-03bump to 1.21.0Gergely Imreh
2017-02-06bump to 1.19.2Gergely Imreh
2016-10-16bump to 1.17.0Gergely Imreh
2016-08-12version 1.16.0Gergely Imreh
2016-06-08bump to version 1.14.2Gergely Imreh
2016-02-21bump to version 1.11.0Gergely Imreh
2015-12-27bump to version 1.8.22Gergely Imreh
2015-11-16update to 1.8.16 and packaging changesGergely Imreh
2015-10-31Adding new packageGergely Imreh