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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-05Added missing fuse2 dependencyDino Morelli
2019-04-26Fixed broken source link in .SRCINFO and on the AUR websiteDino Morelli
I was using $CARCH in the source definition. It turns out the appropriate variable for that line is $arch. This had broken the upstream source link that gets encoded into .SRCINFO and shown on the AUR site.
2019-04-26Adjusted build for upstream version 4.1Dino Morelli
This software is now deployed as an AppImage and the Arch packaging reflects this.
2017-12-27Adjusted build for upstream version 3.3Dino Morelli
This release also now builds from pre-compiled binaries instead of requiring a ton of Haskell build tools to be installed. Much smaller, faster and less prone to breakage.
2016-10-28Fixed problem with building on systems without any ghcDino Morelli
Added ghc as a build dependency.
2016-10-02Project builds with stack now instead of cabal-installDino Morelli
2015-06-28Initial commitDino Morelli
Moving this package over from the old pre-4 AUR.