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2021-03-27autu: Update to 1.7.6-1Chris Severance
2020-12-11autu: Update to 1.7.5-1Chris Severance
2020-05-22autu: Update to 1.7.4p1-1Chris Severance
2019-05-26autu: Update to 1.7.3-1Chris Severance
2018-12-01autu: Update to 1.7.2-1Chris Severance
2018-05-12autu: Update to 1.7.1-1Chris Severance
2017-10-27Update to 1.7.0Chris Severance
2017-07-29Enable --enable-janssonChris Severance
2017-05-19Update to 1.6.2Chris Severance
2016-11-06Update to 1.6.1Chris Severance
2016-06-28Update to 1.6.0Chris Severance
2016-01-16Update to 1.5.3Chris Severance
2015-09-10Update to 1.5.2Chris Severance
2015-07-24Update to 1.5.1Chris Severance
2015-07-24Initial importChris Severance