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2020-04-17Replace bash script with linkAli Molaei
2020-04-16Build from source. Change LicenseAli Molaei
2020-03-31Update to 1.2.6Ali Molaei
2020-03-29Update to 1.2.5Ali Molaei
2019-11-07Update package to 1.2.3Lenovsky
2019-09-06Update package to 1.2.2Lenovsky
2019-09-05Update package to 1.2.1Lenovsky
2019-09-02Update package to 1.2.0Lenovsky
2019-07-10Update package to 1.1.6Lenovsky
2019-05-23Update package to 1.1.5Lenovsky
2019-04-10Update package to 1.1.4Lenovsky
2019-03-06Update package to 1.1.3Lenovsky
2019-02-16Update package to 1.1.1Lenovsky
2018-10-25protonmail-bridge Wiedijk
2018-08-23protonmail-bridge- Wiedijk
2018-08-10protonmail-bridge Wiedijk
2018-07-12protonmail-bridge - update to Wiedijk
2018-05-17protonmail-bridge - update to Wiedijk
2018-03-29protonmail-bridge - update to Wiedijk
2018-03-13protonmail-bridge - updpkg Wiedijk
2018-03-10protonmail-bridge - bump pkgrelEmiel Wiedijk
2018-03-10protonmail-bridge - add qt5-multimedia dependencyEmiel Wiedijk
2018-03-10protonmail-bridge - add gnome-keyring dependencyEmiel Wiedijk
2018-03-02protonmail-bridge - initial releaseEmiel Wiedijk