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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-30Update to version 19.22Lev Velykoivanenko
2020-08-26Update to version 19.21Lev Velykoivanenko
2020-06-10Update dlib to version 19.20Lev Velykoivanenko
2019-12-22Updated package to dlib v19.19Lev Velykoivanenko
2019-12-05Updated package version to 19.18Lev Velykoivanenko
2019-03-13Update python-dlib-cuda to 19.17Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-10-06Update python-dlib-cuda to 19.16Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-08-29Specify which python-dlib version is provided.Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-07-21Update package to v19.15Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-07-11Update package to v19.14Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-05-28Update package to dlib v19.13Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-05-18Update package to dlib v19.11Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-04-30Fix .SRCINFO pkgrel not being correct for pkgver=19.10-2Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-04-30Fix dependency issues.Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-03-20Update dlib to 19.10Lev Velykoivanenko
2018-03-16Fix PKGBUILD.Lev Velykoivanenko
2017-11-17gcc-6 to gcc6gAdam Gradzki
2017-11-17remove commasAdam Gradzki
2017-11-17initAdam Gradzki