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2019-02-26bumped to latest versionFlorijan Hamzic
2018-12-06updated dependencies, bumped versionFlorijan Hamzic
2018-09-19remove version check for cairosvg to workaround version issuFlorijan Hamzic
2018-06-28added dep python-pdfrwFlorijan Hamzic
2018-06-28added dep python-tinycss2, bumped version -> 0.42.3Florijan Hamzic
2017-12-14bumped to v0.41Florijan Hamzic
2017-03-10added xcffib, bumped to version 0.36Florijan Hamzic
2017-02-03bumped version 0.34Florijan Hamzic
2016-10-07bumped version, changed dependenciesFlorijan Hamzic
2016-08-06bumped to v0.30Florijan Hamzic
2016-06-12bumped new versioncinatic
2015-06-16Initial commitFlorijan Hamzic