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15 hoursFix crash with certain monitor setups #2dec05eba
3 daysFix crash with certain monitor setupsdec05eba
9 daysOnly use connected modes for finding monitor hz, limit video resolution to mi...dec05eba
13 daysUpdate git submodulesdec05eba
14 daysMatrix: use same user id colors as elementdec05eba
2021-02-15test: Enable vsync with sfml instead of customdec05eba
2021-02-15Add spotify launcherdec05eba
2021-02-15Add spotify podcastsdec05eba
2021-02-144chan: update boards.jsondec05eba
2021-02-12Do not display window if not needed for imagesdec05eba
2021-02-12Matrix: prevent new programs from being launched after a task is killeddec05eba
2021-02-11Matrix: fix crash on reply?dec05eba
2021-02-11Matrix: mark local edit/reply as readdec05eba
2021-02-10Its all so tiresomedec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: final room sort, hide room list behind reply/editdec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: dont focus selected on room sort after submitdec05eba
2021-02-09The final solution to the room selection questiondec05eba
2021-02-09Final shitdec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: its all so tiresome #2dec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: its all so tiresomedec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: put an end to my unread messages miserydec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: more room sorting...dec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: dont change seleection, or somethingdec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: select first room on selectiondec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: try sorting encrypted room messages as welldec05eba
2021-02-09Matrix: test: only show types in room list description, sort r...dec05eba
2021-02-08Matrix: view page immediately after moving room selectiondec05eba
2021-02-08Matrix: add QM_PHONE_FACTOR to hide room list side panel, do not render room ...dec05eba
2021-02-08Matrix: always show room list selection, make widerdec05eba
2021-02-08Matrix: add room list on the left side when in a roomdec05eba
2021-02-07Dont download video with --no-video option, ignore events with state_key set ...dec05eba
2021-02-05Matrix: fix crash when a room is being removed in one thread and the room des...dec05eba
2021-02-01Reap child in exec program asyncdec05eba
2021-01-25Limit ytdl video resolution to the largest monitors heightdec05eba
2021-01-25Matrix: edited message replies to user should still be red... and join event ...dec05eba
2021-01-14Restore room description behaviordec05eba
2021-01-14Test limiting room description to messages/mediadec05eba
2021-01-09Matrix: leave->join room messagedec05eba
2021-01-09Matrix: add reject invite and unban messagesdec05eba
2021-01-09Matrix: fix loading of new pinned messagesdec05eba
2021-01-07Fix for pinephonedec05eba
2021-01-05Fix pinned messages, or something. I dont knowdec05eba
2021-01-03Matrix: fix reactions in reply messages, pinned messages load crashdec05eba
2020-12-21Ooh ooh ah ahdec05eba