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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-02-03Update to 1.8.9Sergey Slipchenko
2020-04-01Update to 1.8.5Sergey Slipchenko
2019-10-08Update to Slipchenko
2019-08-29Update to 1.7.8Sergey Slipchenko
2019-02-05Update to 1.7.6Sergey Slipchenko
2019-01-20More optimal build for usage on Raspberry PiSergey Slipchenko
2018-10-15Update to 1.7.5Sergey Slipchenko
2018-09-01Update to 1.7.4Sergey Slipchenko
2018-05-16Update to 1.7.3Sergey Slipchenko
2018-05-08Update to 1.7.1Sergey Slipchenko
2018-01-18Sync with upstreamSergey Slipchenko
2017-12-30Update to 1.7.0Sergey Slipchenko
2017-12-23Sync with upstream packageSergey Slipchenko
2017-12-06Update to 1.6.9Sergey Slipchenko
2017-11-12Sync with upstream packageSergey Slipchenko
2017-10-30Initial commitSergey Slipchenko