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2014-09-30kmod-roccat 1.0.0, libgaminggear 0.5.0, roccat-tools 2.2.0Aaron Mueller
2014-07-06Bump versions for libgaminggear 0.4 and roccat-tools 2.1Aaron Mueller
Also fix the cmake problem (the cmake 3.0 folder is now mandatory)
2014-06-10Add devices and dependencies for roccat-tools and libgaminggearAaron Mueller
2014-06-10roccat-tools 2.0.0, libgaminggear 0.3.0Aaron Mueller
2014-06-10Fix incompatibilities with libgaminggearAaron Mueller
2014-06-10Fix some issues with the roccat-tools basepackage/splittpackageAaron Mueller
2014-06-08Added a compiler flag to the roccat-tools to work without pythonAaron Mueller
2014-05-19Update roccat tools to 1.6Aaron Mueller
2014-05-12Clean up the roccat-tools package and add a meta-packageAaron Mueller
2014-05-07Bump the version for the roccat-rools packageAaron Mueller
2014-04-18Bump roccat-tools to 1.5.0 (new dependency)Aaron Mueller
2014-04-02Fix roccat dependenciesAaron Mueller
2014-03-06Add the real name for the roccat-tools author and add gitignoreAaron Mueller
2014-03-06Move all packages to version controlAaron Mueller