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2018-08-17Revert glibc hack now glibc 2.28-4 includes fixMark Blakeney
2018-08-14Update to Blakeney
2018-08-08No need to extract glibc tarballMark Blakeney
2018-08-08Hack to use private copy of old glibc 2.27Mark Blakeney
2018-08-04Update to Blakeney
2018-07-20Update to Blakeney
2018-07-03Update to Blakeney
2018-06-21Update to Blakeney
2018-05-30Remove gtk2 from dependenciesMark Blakeney
2018-05-23Update to Blakeney
2018-04-28Update to Blakeney
2018-03-28Add conflict with skype packageMark Blakeney
2018-03-21Update to Blakeney
2018-03-06Update to Blakeney
2018-02-22Update to Blakeney
2018-02-07Update to Blakeney
2018-01-30Update to Blakeney
2018-01-11Fix up package conflictsMark Blakeney
2018-01-11Initial commitMark Blakeney