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2021-05-05Added new sourceransome1
2021-05-05Replaced nodejs LTS with latest, switched source to v1.0.3ransome1
2021-04-28added nodejs-lts-fermium dependencyransome1
2021-04-27Bump to v1.0.2, added new checksumsransome1
2021-04-22Switch source to 1.0.1, add new checksums and srcinforansome1
2021-04-22Add AUR env to shell scriptransome1
2021-04-20Source code changed, checkums updatedransome1
2021-04-20Bump to v1.0.0ransome1
2021-04-19Permission issue fixed, all icons added, license updated, new checksumsransome1
2021-04-18Checksum updated, srcinfo updatedransome1
2021-04-18Updated srcinforansome1
2021-04-18Publish sleek v1.0.0 to AURransome1
2019-05-24Initial commitStoyan Minaev
2019-05-23Try to fix pkgbase issueStoyan Minaev
2019-05-23First release of pocketbook-pro-sdk-linux packageStoyan Minaev
2019-04-28Update 2019-04-28 15:42Murat Çileli
2019-04-28Initial commitMurat Çileli